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Welcome to the Malaz Capital Family.

First, let me introduce you to Malaz Capital: we are an asset management firm operating under the regulations of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While Saudi Arabia offers investors a wealth of opportunities, it can also be challenging to identify, assess, and most importantly negotiate and close attractive investment transactions. In addition to this, a developing regulatory environment means that an in-depth understanding of different segments of the economy and their associated opportunities and considerations is key to generating long term returns from investments. Through our strong understanding of the business environment and a relentless focus on identifying and executing on opportunities, Malaz Capital has been able to deploy its organizational knowledge, transaction expertise, and special investor relationships to successfully launch numerous closed-ended funds targeting sector specific and/or stage specific funds.

Our success so far has been based on three simple guidelines which we believe are critical for us to continue serving our various stakeholders at the highest possible standards.

1. Our Interests Are Aligned With Our Investors’ Interests

As an asset management firm, our investors entrusts us with their capital and it is only through our investors’ successful experience with us that we are able to prosper. By adhering to this philosophy we have been able to successfully grow our investor base, and we expect to continue growing this investor base in line with our reputation in the market for closing investment transactions in a demanding environment and delivering attractive risk adjusted returns. It is also through these special relationships and in-depth dialogues with our investors that we are able to focus our efforts on segments and situations that are of particular strategic interest to our investor base.

2. We Operate a Meritocratic Environment

At Malaz Capital, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every employee’s voice is heard. Within the Malaz Capital family, team members are treated equally regardless of seniority or job function, are encouraged to voice their opinions and participate in our growth, and contribute to our achieving our aspirations. In addition, we recognize that our strength lies in our collective intellectual capital, and therefore we take great pride in the development of our people on an individual level to maximize their learning and their contribution to our growing business.

3. We View Our Investee Companies As Our Partners

Our success is also driven by the management teams of the companies and assets in which we invest. Our interaction with these management teams is predicated on establishing transparent and professional relationships with these teams and ensuring their interests are aligned with us, which in turn implies their interests are aligned with those of our investors.

I invite you to browse through our website and contact us with any questions you may have. Our business is one of long term partnerships and we look forward to forming a partnership with you.

With best regards,

Abdulaziz Jazzar
Managing Partner

Dr. Abdulaziz Abdullateef Jazzar
Managing Partner